Socio Cultural Dialogue Series

It is an initiative to discuss, share, and disseminate diverse socio-cultural issues, practices, and traditions among and between different stakeholders. It is a monthly series event where we will try to cover both contemporary and relevant issues relating to tradition. The culture, practices, beliefs, and traditions are the identity of an individual and community as a whole. Thus, the goal of this dialogue series is to better understand not only ours but also the socio-cultural aspects of other community and individuals. We encourage culture harmony, but without compromising the identity and dignity of others. The traditional socio-culture practices and beliefs are excellent, but to make it amazing and also for its sustainable aspects; we might need reformation based on the changing time. Thus, it is a platform also to discover the potential for better.

At the event, we promote and encourage two-way communication as far as possible. Speaker and the moderator are only the catalysts, and we encourage much participation from the participants so that it will become a learning and sharing platform.