Himal Tarai Dialogue Series

Himal Tarai Dialogue Series is an initiative to bring diverse socio-cultural aspects of both Himalayan and Tarai region of Nepal at the forefront. Thirteen districts of Nepal adjoins Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), China on the North and twenty-one districts abut India on the South. Himalayan and Tarai are two distinct political boundaries of Nepal with different socio-culture aspects, but both the regions are highly marginalized from state institutions and the services of the government.

The diverse socio-cultural aspects of these places are very less known to the people and institution at the center who makes the decision on development planning and state functioning. As a result, the planned development effort made by the center is always failed or never meet the target in these areas. Thus, this dialogue series aims to bring diverse socio-culture issues of both the parts at the surface.

The issues raised and discussed in the discussion series will be recorded in various forms; writing, audio, and video in different means; news article and digital archive. The event aims to bridge the understanding of the diverse socio-cultural aspects of these two regions with the people and institution at the decision making level. Similarly, the output of the dialogue series will be helpful for the researchers and any people or institution having the interest to understand the socio-cultural aspects of these two geographical locations of Nepal.