Transboundary relations between Nepal and China: Socio-Cultural and Economic Perspective

The Himalayan region of Nepal and the southern plain of Tibet had very close relations until 1950. People following the Buddhist religion in the Himalayas have deep-rooted cultural and religious ties with Tibet. Similarly, the economy of the Himalayan region of Nepal was more connected with Tibet than Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. Although the political relation had changed after 1950, the long cultural, religious and economic ties are still in existence but in a different form. The existence of such relations has sometimes brought benefits to the people of Nepal and most of the time it is said that such a changing context has not institutionalized yet, so people are facing different problems. Thus, this discussion is focused on the socio-cultural and economic relations of the people of the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet. Most importantly, the discussion will be focused on the different issues that exist due to such transboundary relations in the changing context after 1950 till now.


Speaker: Chhakka Bahadur Lama; Author, Researcher & Member of Parliament (MP)

Moderator: Laxmi Shova Shaky; Researcher